"You are the colours you choose"

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What is Aura-Soma®?

Through Aura-Soma®, which is a non-intrusive soul therapy, clients are given a greater awareness of self, what their strengths are and how to overcome their weaknesses To recognize your beauty and gifts and to fulfil your true potential. After all ‘You are the Colour You Choose' and nobody knows you better than you do.

In a colour consultation the client chooses 4 dual coloured bottles that they are attracted to from a selection of 108 bottles, thus assisting in accessing your potential and helping to correct the subtle imbalances that underlie any disharmony within the body physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. The consultation is focused on awareness and everything is based upon your recognition of yourself at a deep level.

Tricia always provides a safe, loving and supportive environment in which to experience a powerful self-healing through colour.